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Famous Scientist


This assignment will be due September 30th.  


This project must include the following: (TOTAL OF at least 4 to 7 PAGES and 750 words)

Title Page  - Name of famous person, students name, due date. (10 pts.)   

Written Report  - Must be at least  750 words long, double spaced, one side of paper only.  The report must be in the child's own words. This report must have an introduction, body and conclusion. (50 pts.)

  • First paragraph about the person’s birth and early life.
  • Second paragraph about the person’s education
  • Next write about their own adult family.
  • Lastly and most import write in detail about the accomplishments they made.

Pictures  - At least two drawings, illustrations or pictures are required. These  pictures are to include at least one picture of the person and one picture of their accomplishments. (20 pts.)

Time Line  - Make a time line of this person’s life.  Include important facts (birth, education, successes, inventions, social life, death and any other important facts that you might include. (20 pts.)

Evaluation   -  You are to at least 250 words about the evaluation of this scientist's accomplishments including any long term effects of their accomplishments.  Predict how history would change if your scientist had not discovered or accomplished what was done, (20 pts.)            

Bibliography    - Three sources must be used. You must follow the bibliography form provided by your teacher. (20 pts.)


Total points for this project are : 200 points


Suggested time line:                                                                                            Date due


1) Week one

- Gather source and read about person  

Sep 13th

2) Week two

- Take notes on note cards (to be checked by teacher) Begin writing report (rough draft  due)  

Sep 20th

3) Week three

- Final Copy ink.

Sep 30th

By Russ Ewick

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