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Sick Child?
Sick Child?
Attendance Calls
Call us by 8:00 a.m., 491-0754, any day your child is unable to attend school. You may leave a message on the school’s attendance telephone line before 7:30 a.m., or after 4:00 p.m.

(Doctor and/or Dentist appointments, require a note from your Doctor/Dentist Visit. Have your doctor Fax Note to: (209) 529-3738, or bring the note to school on the following day)

You may also provide written notification to the Office on an upcoming absence.

If your child is late to school:

(First Bell rings at 8:10 a.m.; Tardy Bell after 8:15 a.m.)

A tardy pass is Required from the Office for Student classroom admission.

Attendance is critical to the academic success of your student. Most students can’t get ready in the morning and out the door without the help of their parent/guardian. We are increasing the positive recognition for student/classroom attendance this year in hopes that students will be more encouraging of their parents/guardians in getting them to school on time daily. Because we recognize that student attendance begins in the home there are some criteria that the school will follow in holding families accountable for making sure their child is in school on time every day.
Latchkey Child Care
Latchkey Child Care
Please contact Latchkey Coordinator - Traca Bowen - (209)491-2470 regarding your student's participation in our morning and afternoon child care program.
Are you a Peacemaker?
Are you a Peacemaker?
Our mission is to create safe learning environments that bring forth a culture of compassion, connection and curiosity—eliminating bullying at the roots. Our innovative, interactive and highly effective programs give the entire school community an EXPERIENCE of empathy, transforming not only our behaviors, but the very ways we see each other.

Soul Shoppe programs support kids by giving conflict resolution tools that allow them to support each other as allies. We have reached more than 470,000 students. In addition to working with students, Soul Shoppe supports the entire school community through the creation and facilitation of dynamic staff-development trainings that give teachers the necessary tools to foster academic growth and social-emotional learning, as well as parent workshops and resources.

This Soul Shoppe-inspired paradigm shift creates a sustained climate of safety. Our fun, easily-integrated trainings allow people to embody what they’ve learned on a daily basis, from one interaction to the next. We breathe the life into life skills, inspiring people to create big-hearted communities where we all belong.

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