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Teacher Links

over 3 years ago


  1.  California Department of Education

  2. Top search engines

  3. Eric

  4.  MarcoPolo Lesson Plans Activities

  5. Kathy Schrock’s

  6.  WebQuests Http://

  7. CTAP Web site

  8. CLRN software Eval and Standards

  9. Ed.Net Briefs send summaries of current educational news (

  10. FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence sponsored by various federal agencies,

  11. Teachers.Net with lesson plans, jobs and links (

  12. The Help Web teaches basic history of the web and its many protocols (

  13. U.S. Department of Education with funding opportunities, and educational news along with statistics (

  14. WSU Libraries List is an analysis of Search Engines (

  15. Kids Click for student research 

Deeper Web

  1. Google Search par excellence.

  2. About About's a human-created reference guides

  3. The place for beginners— and some people who ought to know better.

  4. BBCi Worthy of classic status on the strength of its multimedia news coverage alone.

  5. CDC Because anthrax isn't just for sheep anymore.

  6. Our favorite metadictionary.

  7. Encyclopedia Britannica The encyclopedia, online.

  8. FedStats Home Page If there's one thing the government actually produces, it's statistics; and if there's one place to find them, it's here.

  9. The official portal to Dubya's house, the Senate, The Hill, and more government bodies than you can shake a stick at, much as you might be tempted.

  10. Google Groups Searchable newsgroup archives and a great place to do your own technical troubleshooting.

  11. iVillage Articles and forums—health, life, love, primping—for women.

  12. The Library of Congress An almost frightening amount of information.

  13. MedScape WebMD's site for medical professionals.

  14. MSN You've got to start your surfing somewhere. Good for beginners.

  15. MSN Learning & Research Smart surfing for students, parents, and quiz addicts.

  16. NPR Streaming National Public Radio shows: news with that Berkshires slant, and, of course, Click & Clack.

  17. Nolo Press Legal mumbo-jumbo unmumbified.

  18. Technology Review MIT's well-organized publication on emerging technologies.

  19. WebMD A trove of symptoms, conditions, and drug info.

  20. Webopedia Technology terms-opedia.

  21. Yahoo!  The portal from before portals even had a name.

Student Research

  1.  Yahooligans search site for kids

  2.  Ask Jeeves is the best student research site


  1.  Zane Publishing       

  2. Tom Snyder Publishing

  3. Sunburst Software

  4. Educational Resources

  5. State Education Buys  

  6. DK Multimedia software


  1. Sign up for E-Mail Partners

  2. Gaggle free E-mail service Http://

  3. Funbrain teachers make quizzes for Students  Http://

  4. Classroom Connect 

  5. KidsCom              Http://

  6.  AT&T Virtual Classroom

  7. Global SchoolNet Foundation                     Http://

  8. Cyberkids Art gallery         Http://

  9. Childrens Music

  10. Clipart Galore at Barry’s Place   Http://

  11. Bonus Com Http://  is a self contained site

  12. Jason Project  Http://

  13. Globe Project Http://

  14. Problem Based Learning