Value of Reading

Value and benefits of reading in all grade levels

Students of all ages need to read. Literacy development is a strong indicator of success in school and life. Reading may also lead to a better, more balanced life. What happens when students read? They train their brains, in essence. They are mentally stimulated, acquire knowledge and ideas, reduce stress in their lives, improve their vocabularies and memory, and develop keener analytical skills. All of these skills and abilities are critical to a student's success in school and life. Literacy development is one of the key factors in success as a child and later as an adult. In addition, reading leads to better writing skills cultivates a more tranquil approach to life and personal outlook, and is often very entertaining.

Encouraging students to read

Whatever works, simply works. Here are some guidelines that may help you:

  • Positive reinforcement of reading is critical.
  • Required reading time does not always fit in with the child's ideas about reading.
  • A separate book allowance for kids is a good idea.
  • Receiving a magazine in the mail is a joy for many children.
  • Model the behavior – let your children see you reading.

Children of all ages want to read. It has to be something engaging, however, that they want to read and enjoy. There are ways to accomplish this. Select an activity that the child or student wants to do, and have that activity contribute directly to the child's literacy development. For instance, if the family is planning a trip, have the child read about sites along the way and great places to go. A positive outlook on reading helps your child become a better reader.

From music to dramatic works, play is the realm of the child at any age. Content-rich in sounds and symbols promote literacy development. The size of a child's vocabulary is a strong predictor of reading success.

The need to read spans the ages, from toddlers and sound recognition to high school students and the development of critical thinking skills. Literacy development in all grades opens the doors to successful adulthood.